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Product Seminar Presentation  
  • Environment Friendly Fresh Air Systems for all Applications
  • Indirect - Direct Evaporative Cooling Solutions from DRI
  • Fresh Air Solutions for Hospitality Industry
  • Meet Your Green HVAC Partner
  • Green or Dry HVAC Solutions
  • EcoFresh provides Best Indoor Environment Quality
  • Understanding the Concept of Green Buildings
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS)
  • Industrial Cooling Economical Solution - DRI Arctic Cooler
  • Better IEQ, Humidity Control and Energy Recovery
  • Gas Phase Filtration for Mission Critical Facilities
  • Energy Optimization in Maintaining IAQ for OT / Hospital
  • Green HVAC Solutions for Operation Theatres
  • Green HVAC Solutions for Green Schools
  • Energy Recovery for Labs, Pharmaceuticals and Health Care Buildings
  • Understanding Free Cooling and its implication in DOAS Design
Green Product Article  
  • 10 Tips for Green Certification
  • Dubai to have mandatory green building rules
  • Green building lifecycle cost can be reduced
  • The Cost of Green Buildings
  • Why Retrocommission Your Building
  • Achieving Net Zero Requires Innovative Thinking
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