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Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs)

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Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs)
Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs)

An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is machine that is equipped with a heat exchanger combined with a ventilation system that provides controlled ventilation into a building with closed space.

DRI Energy Recovery Ventilator is the most trusted name when it comes to ventilating fresh air inside a closed building with maximum energy recovery.

DRI ERV have been designed and developed to address Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems inside a close building Conditioned Stale Indoor Air, inside air-tight buildings often suffers from increased pollutants from plush furnishing, wall paints, cleaning agents, electronics, biological contaminants from occupants and Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs). This re-circulated stale conditioned air induces suffocation, dizziness, nausea and fatigue affecting comfort and health. You can feel tired and irritable when you there in the building. Less than adequate levels of ventilation leads to high concentration of carbon dioxide inside the building.

When CO2 levels go up, Productivity & Comfort go down !

Ventilating fresh air from outside the building can help in reducing the CO2 levels but simultaneously will also increase the load on AC which finally results in high power consumption & increased electricity bills.

DRI Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVi) is equipped with DRI Heat Recovery Wheels; capable of recovering upto 80% of each sensible and latent energy from the stale exhaust air and transferring it to the fresh outside air. The rotating wheel transfers the sensible and latent energy between the counter flowing exhaust and supply air and in the process preconditions (cool/heat/dehumidify/ humidify) the fresh air. The DRI ERVi helps to meet ASHRAE* standard 62+ specified ventilation rates without increasing the air conditioning tonnage, saving capital and operating costs considerably.

DRI ERVi is the first choice of an HVAC engineer and architect as it provides triple advantage of :

  1. Better IAQ
  2. Energy saving
  3. Humidity control
How does it work ?:

The heart of the Energy Recovery Ventilator is the EcoFresh desiccant coated energy recovery wheel, which slowly rotates between its two sections. In one section, the stale, conditioned air is passed through the wheel , and exhausted to the atmosphere. During this process, the wheel absorbs sensible and latent energy from the conditioned air, which is used to pre-condition the incoming Fresh Air in the other section, during the second half of its rotation cycle. Thus, you can have more Fresh Air at lower energy costs inside your conditioned space.

DRI ERVi complements any make of VRV/VRF and provides additional advantage of Energy Recovery. A combination of VRV/VRF with DRI ERVi represent a significant step forward in addressing both existing and forthcoming environmental regulations. In addition to its heat recovery facility, DRI ERVi also offers fresh air ventilation for maximum energy efficiency.

Ideal for :
  • Residential : Apartment Complexes, Homes, Luxury Villas
  • Light Commercial : Showrooms, Pubs, Gyms, Spas, Beauty Saloons, Cafeterias
  • Commercial : Cabins, Conference Rooms, Institutions, Labs, Speciality Clinics, Offices, Auditoriums and other Air conditioned environment for human comfort . . .

Currently not available in USA, Europe & some other countries. Check with us for details.


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