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Treated Fresh Air Units (TFAs)

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Treated Fresh Air Units (TFAs)
Treated Fresh Air Units (TFAs)

DRI TFA makes your building a greener place to live in by offering 100 % fresh air into your building with an additional advantage of energy recovery.

As the concern for energy savings are increasing, the building engineers have adopted a strategy of sealing windows & reducing the amount of outdoor air in ventilation system. This approach cut down energy consumption but brings in several bad IAQ related problems such as Sick Building Syndrome and BRI (building related illness).

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), an outcome of poor IAQ, is the condition of a building in which more than 20% of the occupants suffer from adverse health effects, but with no clinically diagnosable disease present. IAQ refers to the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of air in the indoor environment within an occupied building. IAQ relates to the quality of air that we breathe for almost 80% of our life—the time we spend indoors. Poor IAQ and SBS reports adverse consequences, other than occupational health problems, as loss of productivity and legal liability.

  • Productivity losses of around 10% are identified in buildings with poor IAQ.
  • Legal challenges are on the rise, the onus being on facility owners, design consultants, architects etc

FlexAir Treated Fresh Air Units provide a complete solution for IAQ, Humidity Control and Energy Saving in a single unit.

The new design allows for several functions to be placed in the same casing. The FlexAir series has a wider range to cover the flow range better making it possible for you to easily select the right unit with the lowest LCC.

Advantages of FlexAir are :

  • Highest European Standard for Casing Air Leakage
  • Very low pressure drops
  • Easy to maintain fan assembly
  • High Quality standardised filters
  • Uniquely designed connection system
  • Selection software
How Does the FLEXAIR Work?

The heart of the FlexAir Treated Fresh Air Unit is the EcoFresh desiccant coated energy recovery wheel, which slowly rotates between its two sections. In one section, the stale, conditioned air is passed through the wheel, and exhausted in the atmosphere. During this process, the wheel absorbs sensible and latent energy from the conditioned air, which is used to condition (cool / heat) the incoming fresh Air in the other section, during the second half of its rotation cycle. Thus, you can have more fresh Air at lower humidity levels and energy costs inside your conditioned space.

Advantages of DRI TFA with ECOFRESH inside :
  • AHRI Certified (270mm deep-MS Series).
  • Molecular sieve coated.
  • Available in modular design which insures more model options.
  • Almost no cross contamination.
  • Designed as per highest European standard for Casing Air Leakage.
  • Over 80% energy recovery both latent and sensible. Ideal for tropical climates where latent loads are 2-3 times the sensible load.
  • Total energy recovery, recovers both latent and sensible energy.
  • Specially, adjustable purge section rules out cross contamination of air stream (less than 0.04%).
  • Most advanced technology.
  • Special sealing arrangement ensures no cross leakage of air stream between the supply and exhaust section.
  • Certified / Tested in international labs.
  • Wheel’s edges hardened to suit marine / coastal application needs.
  • Easy to maintain fan Assembly.
  • Best LCC (Life Cycle Cost).
  • Helps to qualify LEED certification.
Ideal for :
  • Hospitality – Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Bars, Discotheques . . .
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Operation Theatres, Nurseries, Burn Wards . . .
  • Commercial Areas – Supermarkets, Departmental Stores, Office Buildings, Conference Facility . . .
  • Educational and Recreational Areas – Schools, Auditoriums, Bowling alleys . . .
    All other conditioned spaces.
Ideal for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry

The requirement of fresh and clean air is very high in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical installations. The expression “Air handling unit in hygienic design” means that it must be possible in an easy and effective way, to clean these units exterior and interior parts. It should be designed in a way that prevents growing of bacteria. It is also very important to design the complete unit to make it possible to inspect and clean between the different section parts like coils and heat exchangers.

FlexAir meets all the criteria as it is designed and manufactured using selection of materials to comply to Hygiene needs !


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