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Desiccant Rotors International . . . DRI is a fast growing HVAC&R company with a global footprint providing a complete line of desiccant based products and systems for Energy Recovery, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Fresh Air Treatment, Evaporative Cooling, Humidification, RH Control and Green Buildings.

With over 200 man-years of research and development, DRI has perfected the “art and science” of manufacturing rotors for both latent and sensible recovery as well as for dehumidification. DRI has fully integrated rotor manufacturing facility with in-house capability of coating, synthesizing, winding, metal working and surface finishing.

DRI's "Green" products help to optimize energy performance of Air Conditioning Systems resulting in

  • Considerable reduction in installed tonnage
  • Reduction in utility bills for entire life cycle
  • Enhanced IAQ
  • Productivity and reduced health risks
  • Achieving rating points for energy certification programs like Greenstar and LEED

DRI has world-class test facilities for performance evaluation of Enthalpy Wheels and Desiccant Wheels.. DRI Lab helps to test and produce rotors capable of delivering desired dew point for applications in pharmaceuticals, food, commercial fresh air systems etc. and extremely low dew points for specialized applications like lithium battery rooms and plastic dryers.

DRI all products are AHRI certified & it has been a participating member of the Eurovent certification program for Rotary Heat Exchangers right from its inception. DRI exports over 70% of its produced equipment to almost all the countries in the world including South East Asia, China, India Sub continent, West Asia, Africa, Australia, Japan, Korea, Europe and North and South America.

DRI manufactures a wide range of green products for fresh air ventilation & evaporative cooling which includes Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) and Treated Fresh Air Units (TFAs) incorporating the EcoFresh Heat Wheels for Fresh Air Treatment & IAQ, Evaporative Cooling Pads for Humidification/ Evaporative Cooling & Arctic Coolers incorporating EcoCool Pads for cooling large spaces.

DRI is committed to the cause of a sustainable future and is an active member of the Green Building movement. DRI is a founder member of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), South Africa GBC (GBCSA), Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) and Member of US & Philippines Green Building Councils and actively participating in green building movement across the world.

DRI has a worldwide network of sales offices all over India, USA, Brazil, Europe, UAE, Africa, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Korea and Australia.

 Few Green Buildings with DRI Products  


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